Power Pendants – Quantum Energy Healing Jewelry

The idea behind the Power Pendants is similar to our High Energy Pendulums, but the charge is much deeper and when activated by the end user – it will not only boost the vibration rate and create a set of variables based on your bio-signature (it’s like a direct telephone line upstairs), but it will also help you make right decisions based on your chosen path. Combine that with dowsing and you have a winning
combination. The charge is at the molecular level, so it’s very strong and stable.

To activate it for the full potential – hold it in your receiving (usually left) hand, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and let the subtle healing energy from the pendant enter your body. You may feel a slight tingling sensation or feeling of warmth spreading throughout your body, you may feel light-headed for a while, but it will pas as soon as your body’s bio-signature matches the energy signature of the pendant.

“Once I had activated the Power Pendant and put it on, I felt the energy immediately. Within a few hours, I was feeling more energized and less “fuzzy” than I have felt since the baby’s birth. Today, I
was surprised to find myself thinking in a much clearer way than I have since the birth and I was thinking about steps to my goals, etc.,….something I have to “get with,” but haven’t been able to focus on the last few months of the pregnancy and since the birth.”